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▶️ Web RTC

WebRTC is an Open Source-Project in real-time for Web- and Native Apps used for Audio, Video and Data.

WebRTC has several JavaScript APIs:

  • getUserMedia (): record Audio and Video.
  • MediaRecorder: record Audio and Video.
  • RTCPeerConnection: Stream audio and video between users.
  • RTCDataChannel: Stream Data between users.

Where can i use Web RTC?
On Firefox, Opera and Chrome on Screen and Android. WebRTC is also available for native Apps with iOS or Android.

What’s Signaling?
WebRTC use RTCPeerConnection, to communicate to Stream- Data between Browsers, but also needs a Mechanic to coordinate the Communication to Send Controllmessages, this Process is called Signaling. Signalingmethods and -protocols are not specified by WebRTC. In this Codelab you use Socket.IO for Messages.

If you are Interested in Alternatives:

Watch this:

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