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die Generic Sensor API in Ihrer Progressive Web App ermöglicht Fitness Tracking oder Virtual Reality.

☸️ Generic Sensor API

The Generic Sensor brings Games, Fitness-Tracking and Augmented or Virtual Reality on a next Level. Now you can use it on web as a Progressiv Web App.

What’s a generic Sensor-API?

The Generic Sensor API is very simple and easy to use! The Sensor interface has start() and stop() methods to control sensor state and several event handlers for receiving notifications about sensor activation, errors and newly available readings.

A basic interface simplifies the implementation and specification process for the specific sensor classes. For example, take a look at the Gyroscope class, it’s super small! The core functionality is determined by the basic interface, and Gyroscope only adds three attributes that represent the angular velocity.

The Generic Sensor API consists a number of interfaces that makes sensor devices available for the web. The API consists the basic sensor interface and a number of specific sensor classes that build on it.

e.g: https://intel.github.io/generic-sensor-demos/

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