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Durch die Force Touch API Ihrer Progressive Web App können Sie zB Videos, durch stärkeres drücken, schneller abspielen lassen.

👆🏻 Force Touch

Safari, dashboard and WebKit-based applications support the response to Force Touch events within HTML pages. You can use these events to provide custom behaviors in response to actions such as forced clicks and pressure changes. For example, your website may open a link in a new window when the user clicks the link, or play an embedded video faster if the user presses harder.

JavaScript Force Touch Events

Mouse events occur when the user performs an action with a mouse or a trackpad, e.g. B. Press (mouse down) or release (mouse up). Force Touch events complement mouse events and occur when pressure changes on a Force Touch trackpad. Trackpads without a force touch feature provide a WebkitForce click value that corresponds to MouseEvent.WEBKIT_FORCE_AT_MOUSE_DOWN for mouse down, mouse up, and click events.

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