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💳 Payment Request API

Simplify web payments: The Payment Request API improves the mobile checkout (shopping cart) and accepts, among other things Credit cards.

With the Payment Request API, merchants can easily collect payment information with minimal integration. The API is an open, cross-browser standard that replaces traditional checkout processes by giving merchants the ability to request and accept payments in a single API call. The API eliminates manual and tedious input by securely storing user information in the browser. The Browser forwards addresses and credit card details (or other payment details) directly to the website. And since the browser stores payment information from the user, the data is filled automatically.

Conversion rates in the checkout flow are an important measure for E-commerce websites. Almost half of E-commerce customers leave the purchase process during the payment phase, which is due to frustration with the complexity and redundancy of re-entering form data or tracking payment information. Even slight simplifications when checking out have a direct impact on the end result of your website and at the same time improve the shopping experience for customers.

How does it work?

The W3C Web Payments working group developed the API with the aim of standardizing communication between merchants, browsers and payment methods in order to offer Users a better User Experience and Developers a single, consistent API.

With the Payment Request API, payment information is provided from the wallet (once the User has given consent) instead of being collected through a checkout form on the website. The browser conveys all information that is transferred between the wallet and the retailer.

We surely implement this standard for your Progressive Web App.

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