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Die Credential Management Api vermindert das Sicherheitsrisiko bei Zahlungsverkehr enorm. Ihre Progressive Web App kann trotzdem auf gespeicherte Passwörter zugreifen nur eben durch Verschlüsselungen. Sicher und Risikofrei.

🔖 Credential Management API

In order to provide a sophisticated user experience, it is important that users authenticate themselves to your website. Authenticated users can interact with each other via a dedicated profile, synchronize data across devices or process data offline. The list goes on and on. However, creating, storing, and entering passwords is usually cumbersome for end users, especially on mobile screens, which results that Customers reusing the same password on different websites.
Of course, this is a huge security risk.

The latest version of Chrome (51) supports the API for managing credentials. It is a standard track suggestion in the W3C that enables developers to programmatically access a browser’s credential manager and makes it easy for users to log in easily.

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