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👷🏻 Service Worker: Offline functionality

Internet connections can be available or not in some situations, so it is getting more important to have a Offline support in Progressive Web Apps.
Even in perfect wireless environments, the sensible use of caching and other storage techniques can significantly improve user experience.

A Service Worker is a script that your browser is excluded from a website in the background, this is the entry to a lot of functions for which no website or user interaction is intended. It already contains functions such as push notifications and background synchronization by the Service Worker. In the future, Service Worker can update regular activities and synchronization as well as geofencing.

Imagine your Company has startet a Sale, this Sale goes popular in no time so your Servers are off. The regular thing now is, the page can’t be opened no more, your Customers are angry and frustrated. From this point, they can’t buy your items and you can’t sell items. With your new Progressive Web App and the Offline functionality this scenario is disappeared, your customers can buy the items even if you are offline or they.

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