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Humankind faces a unique challenge. The corona crisis is targeting the weakest in our society and is putting our society to the test. Small and medium-sized companies face special challenges. In addition to day-to-day business, we have to deal with extraordinary new problems. New regulations have to be implemented – preferably since yesterday – and should have as little impact as possible on day-to-day operations. New laws, regulations, news and grants are changed by different authorities at different levels under different conditions. A flood of information with an abundance of noise breaks over us. And we have to make quick and far-reaching decisions, while maintaining our stance and face. A single mistake can have serious consequences.




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A community that advises.

How are other companies in my industry solving the new regulations? What has changed specifically for my company? What obligations and what rights do I have?

What do I do if my region becomes a crisis area? Then what exactly do I do?

What are the tips for remote work? Which tools are the best?


Grants and financial aid.

Am I entitled to grants or assistance? How can I apply for one?


Remote Work

What can I do if an employee misuses remote work?


Hygiene regulations

How are other companies in my industry implementing the new regulations and laws? How do I deal with employees who are at risk?

These companies want to get through the crisis proactively.

And trust the community.


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Best Practices.

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