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We support you in all aspects of digital transformation. We address companies that are ready to explore all possibilities of digitization. With a focus on the implementation of digital marketing and sales solutions, we scale your business model.


To create a product that really solves problems, you have to do something counterintuitive: going meta. What different customer segments are there? How can you contact them? What special problems do people have? What are your habits? How is the problem solved so far? How can you digitize or automate more deeply?


Certainly other agencies can quickly sell you an app. Before we open the IDE, we go through a systematic analysis process. Only then will we offer you tailor-made applications for your company: from user experience design to app, backend, web & cloud development. Regardless of whether it’s a progressive web app, web design, enterprise website, UX & design or visual modeling tools.
Our customers can trust us because we accompany them throughout the whole development process and even beyond. This is how we ensure that we achieve the best possible result for each individual case. We have acquired the expertise for this in numerous national and international projects since it was founded in 2019.
For this reason, our project experience is as diverse as the technologies that we use regularly. If you would also like to benefit from our services, please contact us. We are happy to help you.


We are ready for your digital challenges.

We implement innovative, scalable and progressive web applications, mobile apps as well as visual graphical tools. We trust our long-term expertise and love to push the boundaries with modern state-of-the-art technologies.

Visual Modeling Tools

Empower No-Coders To Develop Complex Software Systems. Transcend the Individual Mind Through Collaboration.

Progressive Web Apps

Synergy of the web and native apps. The Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the strengths of native apps and classic websites.

Usability & UX Design

Intuitive UX design for an mind-blowing user experience for apps and websites..

Enterprise Websites

Enterprise websites based on WordPress – a solid platform for modern digital experiences.


We advise and consult you holistically - and guide you from the product vision to a growth strategy to the engineering.

Native Apps & IoT Prototyping

Business applications in the cloud. Optimized for every device and always available. Internet of Things.



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