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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the best possibility to bootstrap your MVP.
Reach out to your clients, but minimize risk.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) use the magical synergy of the web and native apps.

They are reliable and fast and offer a mind-blowing user experience. They are progressive, because they dissolve the differences between mobile websites and a native mobile app.

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Eine Progressive Web App so fortschrittlich wie ein Raktenstart.
Advantages in a nutshell


Platform independent

No download required

Benefits from web traffic

Offline usage

Simple Access from anywhere

Die Progressive Web App bietet Ihnen eine erfolgsorientierte und fortschrittliche Lösung für Ihr Unternehmen

Advanced by design

Use this advantage for your idea.
Minimize Risk

Instead of engineering native Apps for Android and iOs as well as a (responsive) website, we can kick-off your product with a Progressive Web App. You can finance the implementation of other artifacts with the generated revenue.

Platform independent

They run on android devices, iPhones, desktop and any other device.

Use your existing traffic

No installs are required. The users are several steps closer to a sign up and leads.

You deserve experts.

Die Mindbuilding App wurde von und unserem Kunden und Youtuber GreenRabitt erstellt. Das ist wohl eine unserer erfolgreichsten Progressiven Web App zurzeit.

Success Stories


Revolutionize the german meditation market.

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