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Usability Engineering &

User Experience Design

Usability is one of the central quality features of a product.
It creates trust, enables beautiful user experiences (UX) and communicates the necessary professionalism of your enterprise website, Progressive Web App (PWA), native app, visual modeling tools or online shop.
Scientific studies show that the subjective satisfaction of the user’s decision plays a very decisive role and is perceived even before the product price.


That’s right, but it’s short-sighted and mostly what other agencies offer. They cling to individual ideas that satisfy the user. We think the whole thing a little further. User satisfaction is only a small part. Rather, it is also about ensuring that users effectively and efficiently achieve their projects. Since these factors are inseparable from each other, usability is the art of finding the appropriate ratio from these factors.
Usability Engineering aims to create user-oriented systems. To do this in a structured way requires a systematic, empirical and consistent user-oriented development process model.


User Interface Development

Usability Evaluation


  • Domain Analysis

  • User Analysis
  • Task & Goal Analysis
  • Non-funtional Requirements

  • Competition Analysis

  • Constraints

  • Workflow Reengineering

  • Low-fidelity Mockups
  • High-fidelity Mockups
  • Styleguide
  • Implementation

  • Plan

  • Execution
  • Analysis
  • Product backlog

It is important to understand the development of the UI not as a rigid scaffold, but as a continuous evolution using fractal-like nano-iterations

Requirement Analysis
Connecting the dots
Connecting the dots.
Low-fidelity Mockups
Low fidelity Mockups
High-fidelity Mockups
High fidelity mockups

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